Questions and Answers  

Q.   How long have you been in business?

A.  Nearly 20 years serving the visually impaired.


Q.   Is your video magnifier product line made in America or overseas like most others?

A.  I am proud to share that our Patriot series of video magnifiers have been, since their inceptions, exclusively made in the United States.  In fact, our flagship Patriot Platinum is the only video magnifier of its kind made in the U.S.A. by the visually impaired for the visually impaired.   

Q.  Do you employ visually impaired?

A. Yes.  In fact, we have pro-actively engaged in the employment of visually impaired personnel in management positions for over 15 years.  Our Winter Park and Melbourne stores each have legally blind store managers.


Q.  Do you do business with agencies and institutions?

A.  Yes we do.  We are an authorized registered vendor for the state of Florida, the Division of Blind Services, the U.S.Veterans Adminstration (contract holder V797P-4836a), the Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation, and a registered vendor in all 67 counties throughout Florida.  We also provide services to many private organizations, institutions, hospitals, and more.  

Q. Do you manufacturer the items that you sell?

A.  Yes, a partial of the items that we sell we do indeed manufacture.  Several other items are manufactured to our strict standards of quality and our exclusive designs which are then private labeled by the best manufacturers, all in the U.S.A. The remaining items we simply purchase with our expansive buying power and resell to our clients.


Q. I notice that there are a lot of so-called "hi-tech" companies in this industry when all I really want is someone to help me with a variety of less expensive devices.  Can you assist us in this capacity?  

A.  Yes, we are extremely unique because we have it all, from a deck of cards retailing at $1.00 to the most advanced state of the art reading and talking Patriot Breeze system.  We carry the absolute largest selection of devices anywhere in the world and we offer to you our low price guarantee on all items.  In the unlikely event you happen to find the identical item less anywhere, just call us and we'll adjust our price to save you even more.


Q. Do you service what you sell?

A. Absolutely.  We take pride in having the best reputation in the industry of being able to service all of our Patriot video magnifier family in your home (Florida).  Due to our unique design, we can swap out components immediately without ever having to schedule another trip. 


Q. I live in Florida and am interested in an in-home demonstration.  If I decide to purchase, do you provide the training since I am new to this technology?

A.  That's precisely our policy.  We take the time to review and teach all that there is to performing all tasks with our equipment. 


Q. I heard about your Patriot Breeze system that can actually read the page to me aloud.  How can this be?

A.  It's amazing and it's true.  The Patriot Breeze is a tiny camera combined with our Patriot Platinum video magnifier system.  You simply photograph the page with Button One of the three button control pad, then Button Two reads the page aloud to you, and finally Button Three pauses and resumes the speech.  That's it!