bulletI would be lost without you'll.  
bulletYour products and incredible service have been a GodSend.
bulletYou have brought me out of what was once dark despair.
bulletIf you ever go Public, call me.
bulletWhen I go to Florida, I see you first, then Disney World.
bulletI wish you were all over the nation.
bulletMy first thing upon returning from up north, I tell my husband, let's go to The Magnifying Center!
bulletI will well recommend your products and services.
bulletYou exceed my expectations, time and time again.
bulletThe most honest seller on EBay...period.
bulletYour customer service is exceptional.
bulletIt is a pleasure being able to speak to a person when I call.
bulletWhen passing by my home, stop in for dinner.
bulletYou gave my mother a piece of her life back....Thanks.
bulletMy wife and I have tracked you since the 1980's, and we have to say......congratulations for making so many so happy, for if it were not for you, our lives would not have been so enriched.